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Cady stands with Directors (L to R) Carla Garapedian, Lizzie Borden, Finola Hughes, and Bethany Rooney at a screening of Seeing is Believing at Pepperdine University.

Photo by Amanda Edwards, Getty Images

Nationally, Ms. McClain has been invited to speak on current social issues related to women. Appearances include:

Panelist with Marcia Nasitir, Catherine Hardwick, and Tamika Lamison - Catalina Film Festival (2017)


Guest speaker interviewed by Maikiko James (WIF) - WEHO Women and Leadership Conference (2017)


Host and Moderator of Panel with Marianna Palka, Li Lu, Finola Hughes, and Grace Lee - WEHO Women and Leadership (2018)

Keynote speaker - Johnson County Community College (2018) 


Keynote Speaker/Moderator of Panel with Bethany Rooney, Finola Hughes, Carla Garapedian, and Lizzie Borden-  Pepperdine College (2018) 


Guest lecturer on Crowdfunding through Audience Building - Webster University (2018)

Speaker on "Diversity in Film" - Heartland Film Festival (2018)

Guest lecturer - Rochester School of Technology and Animation (2018) 


Guest lecturer - LA City College Film Studies Course (2018)


Guest lecturer on Women and Leadership - Hahn Loesser Law Firm (2018)


Leader of post screening discussion - Huntington Beach High School (2018)


 Leader of post screening discussion- Women in Film (2018)

Keynote Speaker - DRI Women in the Law conference (2019)


Guest lecturer - University of San Diego (2019) 


Panel organizer and host "Powerhouses of Female Fortitude" - Artemis Film Festival (2019)


Panel organizer and host - "Indie Film Distribution NOW" panel at the DTLA Film Festival with Keith Ochwat, Liz Manashil, Deborah Riley Draper, and Andrew Van Den Houten (2019)


Keynote speaker - Digifest Temecula (2019)

Host of "Understanding the African Experience with Ingrid Rogers"  - Glass Elevator (2020)

Speaker/Teacher of "The Art of Mentorship" - Glass Elevator (2020) 

Guest Speaker - Making Movies is Hard - podcast (2020)

Panelist - Mystic Film Festival Panel on Women in Film and TV w/ Maria Giese, Sarah Pirozek, & Alecia Orsini Lebeda (2020)

Guest - Oxford Film Festival Podcast "Off to the Movies" Celebrating Women Directors (2020)

Guest - QFest Houston Panel (2021)

Moderator - Kids in the Spotlight Industry Night (2022)

 Guest Speaker - National Student Leadership Conference at UCLA (2022)

Guest Speaker - Kids in the Spotlight at USC School of Social Work (2022)

Guest Speaker - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2022)

Host - Sarcoma Foundation Gala, Capitale - NYC (2023)


Guest Speaker - Natalie Ford Master Class (2023)

Guest Speaker, Women and Leadership - Roadtrip Nation (2024)

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