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Photo by Amanda Edwards, Getty Images

Nationally, Ms. McClain has been invited to speak on current social issues related to women. Appearances include:

Panelist with Marcia Nasitir, Catherine Hardwick, and Tamika Lamison - Catalina Film Festival (2017)


Guest speaker interviewed by Maikiko James (WIF) - WEHO Women and Leadership Conference 2017.


Host and Moderator of Panel with Marianna Palka, Li Lu, Finola Hughes, and Grace Lee - WEHO Women and Leadership (2018)

Keynote speaker - Johnson County Community College (2018) 


Keynote Speaker/Moderator of Panel with Bethany Rooney, Finola Hughes, Carla Garapedian, and Lizzie Borden-  Pepperdine College (2018) 


Guest lecturer on Crowdfunding through Audience Building - Webster University (2018)

Speaker on "Diversity in Film" - Heartland Film Festival (2018)

Guest lecturer - Rochester School of Technology and Animation (2018) 


Guest lecturer - LA City College Film Studies Course (2018)


Guest lecturer on Women and Leadership - Hahn Loesser Law Firm (2018)


Leader of post screening discussion - Huntington Beach High School (2018)


 Leader of post screening discussion- Women in Film (2018)

Keynote Speaker - DRI Women in the Law conference (2019)


Guest lecturer - University of San Diego (2019) 


Panel organizer and host "Powerhouses of Female Fortitude" - Artemis Film Festival (2019)


Panel organizer and host - "Indie Film Distribution NOW" panel at the DTLA Film Festival with Keith Ochwat, Liz Manashil, Deborah Riley Draper, and Andrew Van Den Houten (2019)


Keynote speaker - Digifest Temecula (2019)

Host of "Understanding the African Experience with Ingrid Rogers"  - Glass Elevator (2020)

Speaker/Teacher of "The Art of Mentorship" - Glass Elevator (2020) 

Guest Speaker - Making Movies is Hard - podcast (2020)

Panelist - Mystic Film Festival Panel on Women in Film and TV w/ Maria Giese, Sarah Pirozek, & Alecia Orsini Lebeda (2020)

Guest - Oxford Film Festival Podcast "Off to the Movies" Celebrating Women Directors (2020)