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Acting is informed, creative play.​Acting takes discipline, concentration, the ability and willingness to take risks, a thick skin and a strong imagination.  This class will not only cover the foundation of acting, but imagination exercises that will allow you to create the world of the character without the need for a set or costume.


The joy of acting is the cornerstone of my process.​Join me for thrilling imagination exercises, learn expert script analysis, build complex characters, get regular career guidance, meet special guests from the film, television, and theater world, and become the actor you dream of being.This is not a class for beginners to learn the craft but for those who have professional experience and prior training. Beginners are welcome to audit (online only).


Special guests include working professional actors, casting directors, directors, producers, and writers. One will join a class each month to give insight into the entertainment industry and feedback on your work. In no way will this be an audition, but an opportunity to get a fresh perspective on your place in the industry.Please apply by emailing your resume, short bio, reel, and headshot using the button below. Space is limited.


Weekly in-person classes in NYC:




Weekly classes online:



$250 a month to participate in scene work


$100 per class to audit (online only)


"Cady brought me back to life as an actor"
 Desi Stock, Actor 

Get Serious Career Coaching

Charting your career can feel like trying to swim across the Atlantic Ocean. However, there is a compass. And that compass lives within you.


Schedule an appointment with me for an in-depth exploration of your career and creative path. Our time together is guaranteed to give you tools you can immediately put into use that will reactivate and focus your heart’s desires and put those dreams into action.

$150 an hour - on Zoom

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"Cady exceeded my expectations as to what an hour long coaching session could do."
- Nicole Arcieri, Actor

Audition Prep

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OMG have I been there.


Have an upcoming audition that is freaking you out? Don’t despair! I live and breathe audition frenzy, so it is my pleasure to help you get grounded and find YOURSELF in the process of embracing a character.


I have been quietly coaching private clients for years and I am proud to say that they have gone on to book major episodic roles on nighttime series and films. Together we will prep you with succinct and simple script analysis, followed by loving guidance to help you give your most powerful audition.

It doesn't have to be painful. Really. It can actually feel like the most creative you've been in a long time. It is very much a matter of mindset combined with prep, prep, prep.

$150 an hour - on Zoom

Additional $50 to be your off camera reader

"Thank you for bringing joy back into the process of acting."
- Yohance O. Alleyne, Actor
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